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Sometimes, we encounter situations that require us to hire a lawyer. Whether you’re faced with an estate battle, a divorce or a murder charge, having this legal professional by your side can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

When looking for a lawyer, we all know that research is a must. But once you’ve found a few good prospects, you have to meet them one by one to gauge their suitability for your Case.

One great thing about initial lawyer consultations is that they’re usually free, so you as a consumer should take full advantage of these. Prepare a list of questions and make sure to take notes during the meeting so you can compare these attorneys once you’ve interviewed them all. You can ask anything you have in mind about your case, but these are the essentials that you can begin with:

What area of law do you specialize in?

Definitely, you should choose a lawyer whose career is dedicated to Cases similar to yours. So if you’ve been charged with a criminal violation, don’t hire someone who has spent the last 10 years drafting wills. You wouldn’t see a pulmonologist for a kidney problem, would you?

What’s a good estimate of my potential costs?

Because the price of legal advice varies from lawyer to lawyer, you need to be clear on this with each prospect you have. The cost of legal services depends on the lawyer, so you have to be clear about this with each prospect on your list. Neither the lawyer nor you can predict the exact cost that you have to pay, but you need to ask for a ballpark estimate at least.

Who will be working on my case: you or a team of paralegals?

Paralegals working on cases is a common practice, and there is nothing wrong it provided you know enough about the lawyer or law firm. Of course, you’ll want to know these people’s calibre before you entrust your case to them. Besides, who actually works on your case will also affect your total cost.

How and how often do we communicate?

What lies at the base of every successful legal case is effective communication between lawyer and client. If you have concerns or questions, for example, how long before you can actually speak to the attorney? It’s common for lawyers to work on more than one case at a time, but is never an excuse for not replying to communications in timely fashion.

The final consideration to make when deciding on a lawyer is whether or not you have personal chemistry together. No matter how good an attorney is said to be, he’ll never be good enough for you if you’re not even comfortable in his presence. You’ll want someone who is both a legal expert and a person you’ll be happy to work with.

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